About Us

Welcome to Pacific Group of Companies

We look forward to working with you.Pacific group of companies is an award winning global real estate development, marketing and consultancy firm headquartered in Las Vegas involved with the development of world class destination Resorts, Theme parks, Health care facilities, Airports, Shopping and Entertainment centers in the emerging economies of the world.
Since the company's inception Pacific group of companies has attracted local and international recognition and enjoyed sustainable growth and strength unrivaled in the industry. We work on challenging projects all over the world providing specialised expertise in all sectors taking the project from concept to management.
Creating and enhancing the assets of our owners is a top priority of our company and we have always strived to fulfill the needs of our owners to the best of our capabilities. Our philosophy has always been the same - to align our interests with those of our developers. Our absolute focus is our developer/owners and working with the right partners in the right places on the right properties. We always go that extra mile for them to create long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships based on trust and loyalties.

Our progressive culture invites the industries best and brightest people

We arrange & provide a highly qualified team of professionals with diverse skills from all over the world whose "Mission"is to focus on the specific needs of their respective sectors within the hospitality & entertainment industry. It is the diversity, discipline, depth and dedicated team support of our talent pool that enables us to act quickly and bring creative solutions. We are commited to highest standards of integrity and making every project a success. We add value to what we do by bulding a stronger culture of innovation and continuous improvement by implementing new ideas and creating winning partnerships.
We are strategically looking to the " Future" incorporating the latest & most creative ideas into each of our projects to successfully deliver a total package of Branding/Investments/Operations as per our developers/owners requirements.